Improving Patient Sleep

A Practical Guide for Physiotherapists

Do you want to provide better education to your patients about sleep health?

In this upcoming eBook you'll gain an understanding of:

  • The Physiology of Sleep: Understand the different stages of sleep and the important functions of sleep.
  • The Impact of Poor Sleep: Understand what happens to the body with disrupted sleep.
  • The Sleep-Pain Connection: Discover the powerful connection between sleep and pain and the impact on recovery and function.
  • Tools to Evaluate Sleep:  You'll learn the different outcome measures and tools to evaluate a patient's sleep health.
  • Strategies for Physiotherapists: Understand how you can educate and support your patient's sleep in the clinic and at home. 

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Even with our best treatment programs and education, patients can still struggle to move and feel better. Often the missing link is sleep health.

Sleep health is increasingly recognized as a foundation to health and well being. Poor sleep can cause a cascade of problems impacting one's ability to live free of pain and injury.   

From my experience, patients are looking for more than general sleep hygiene tips. And more often than not, this basic knowledge doesn't translate into any meaningful lifestyle change. 

Sleep education is sparse for healthcare professionals and especially for physiotherapists. My vision is to create a set of resources that empowers you with the knowledge and tools to help your patients with their sleep health. 

Here's what you'll get:


Bringing you the latest research, we're packaging the information so it's easy for you to help your patients right away.

Evidence Based

With well over a 100 research sources and counting, this book is based on the best available evidence on sleep health.

Physiotherapist Specific

Written by physiotherapists for physiotherapists, this book and resources are focused to be meaningful for you in your practice.

Patient Education Ready

This book and the downloadable teaching tools will help you make a difference with patients quickly and easily.

Explore the Table of Contents:

Sleep Basics

In this section, we walk through the basics of the sleep cycle, the functions of sleep and the impact of age on sleep cycles. We explore the concepts of sleep drive, circadian rhythm and sleep debt. Specific patient education strategies are provided.

The Impact of Poor Sleep

Disrupted sleep impacts body systems on various levels. We talk about  the effects of disrupted sleep ion general health, immune function, inflammation, sport performance, learning and work.

When Sleep Goes Wrong

There's a lot that can go wrong with sleep and we walk through the most common sleep diagnoses with a focus on insomnia. We highlight other sleep disorders as well as the impact of medications on sleep.

Sleep & Pain

We explore the evidence surrounding the complex relationship of sleep and pain. We bring you a synthesis of the latest research and specific talking points to use with patients.

Evaluating Sleep

Sleep evaluation is the first step in providing the right education patients. We provide the best tools and outcome measures to use with patients and a decision algorithm to help you choose the right evaluation at the right time.

Management of Insomnia

We provide an overview of the various management strategies related to managing insomnia with specific focus provided on CBT-I, exercise, sleep hygiene and alternative therapies.

Strategies in the Clinic

We cover specific education strategies relating to the cognitive and behavioural challenges that patients face. We keep the strategies clinically focused and practical.

Sleep Strategies at Home

We give you the latest research support for patient driven lifestyle changes that patients can make. Specific self-help tools and educational resources will be provided.

BONUS! Tools & Apps

A summary of the latest research and recommendations relating to sleep tools, apps and technology to support sleep monitoring and improvement.

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Stay up-to-date with our book launch so you don't miss out!

Who's Behind This?

Andrew, a practicing physiotherapist and founder of ignitephysio, is leading the research and development of this educational product.

Recognizing the important role sleep plays in helping his patients reduce their pain, Andrew set out to discover what resources existed. Unfortunately, very little information existed for physiotherapists so he decided to put together a set of resources to help clinicians empower their patients to better health and healing through sleep.