Improving Patient Sleep

A Practical Guide for Physiotherapists

Do you want more practical information to improve your patients sleep and help their recovery?

In this upcoming eBook you'll gain an understanding of:

  • The Physiology of Sleep.Get a refresher on the different stages of sleep and the ways that sleep can get disrupted.
  • The Impact of Sleep on Pain.The impacts of disrupted sleep are many and we discuss sleep's impact on pain systems.
  • Discover Key Outcome Measures to Measure Sleep Hygiene. We bring you the most useful outcome measures to assess your patient's sleep health.
  • Practical Strategies for Physiotherapists. We provide practical sleep strategies that tactics your patients can use.

Our understanding of pain science is growing and even with our best efforts, patients can still struggle with their recovery because of poor sleep. For our patients suffering from persistent pain syndromes poor sleep health can be a barrier to  improvement.


Sleep is also important for our patients recovering from injury. Healing and injury recovery require good sleep health. It's integral to healthy living.

I don't know about you, but giving a  patient basic sleep hygiene information often falls on deaf ears. Many patients know the basics of sleep hygiene and yet still struggle with disrupted sleep and continue to miss out on important regenerative sleep that will help them reduce their pain and improve healing and recovery.

When I was researching information on sleep health I found that physiotherapist specific information was sparse. And I want to change that. I'm writing an eBook and developing resources that will help you in your practice.

Did you know that there is a 7% increase in car accidents when we lose an hour  of sleep with daylight savings time. And the reverse happens when we gain an hour!


Get the latest evidence-based research on sleep.  We've done all the heavy lifting for you so you can deliver the much-needed information to your patients.

Clinic Ready

This book will deliver actionable, easily digestible content that you can use in the clinic right away.

Physiotherapist Specific

This eBook is written by physiotherapists for physiotherapists. Everything will be geared towards giving you information that will help you in your practice.

Improve Patient Education

Patient education empowers your patients to make important lifestyle changes. This eBook and related tools will help your patients in the clinic and at home.

Table of Contents

Here's what the book will cover:

Sleep Basics

In this section, we walk through the basics of the sleep cycle, the important physiological benefits of sleep and the ways that sleep can change as we age. The elements of sleep hygiene will also be covered.

When Sleep Goes Wrong

There's a lot that can go wrong with a patient's sleep and we walk through the most common sleep issues including the different types of insomnia and other sleep disorders that you may come across in practice.

The Impact of Poor Sleep

Disrupted sleep impacts a number of different systems in the body. We talk about the research and evidence regarding the impact of sleep on pain and healing in the body.

The Relevance of Sleep Health to Physiotherapy

With the increasing understanding that the physiotherapy community is gaining with pain science, it's important to explore the impacts of sleep on pain regulation within the body.

Evaluating Sleep

Being able to evaluate a patient's sleep status and hygiene is important to identify where the potential problems could be. We examine the different sleep health and hygiene outcome measures and their clinical relevance for a physiotherapist.

Strategies in the Clinic

We'll cover specific education strategies regarding sleep health and sleep hygiene that you can use to help coach patients. We keep the strategies clinically focused and applicable.

Sleep Strategies at Home

Part of the education process is providing patients with specific strategies that they can use at home. This section will delve into specific environmental, motivational and behavourial strategies.

Tools & Apps to Support Healthy Sleep

There's a growing list of special tools, training programs and apps that can help people improve their sleep. We give you a detailed summary of the different resources you could consider in your practice.

About the Author: Andrew Koppejan, PT

Andrew is a practicing physiotherapist and founder of ignitephysio, an online community for Canadian physiotherapists. Recognizing the important role sleep plays in helping his patients reduce their pain, Andrew set out to discover what resources existed. Unfortunately, there wasn't much out there and decided to put together a guide for clinicians to empower them with digestible, clinically relevant information on improving sleep health. 


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